Applying transdisciplinarity approach
INCLUSIVE project applies a transdisciplinary approach combining biophysical and human sciences (sociology, economics, political sciences)
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Ensuring collective social learning
INCLUSIVE Project ensures collective learning and identification of pre-conditions for successful stakeholder processes delivering socially accepted groundwater management rules.
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Bringing together multicultural expertise and contexts
INCLUSIVE project is combining context-specific approaches in 7 case studies in 4 countries (France, US, Taiwan and Russia)
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Building operational bridges
Inclusive project carries out strong stakeholder engagement between the groundwater, water management, soil and land use communities and builds the basis for a community of practice
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Identifying pre-conditions
Inclusive project supports emergence of adaptations in the existing regulatory frameworks and incentives of each country for effective management of the groundwater, and stakeholders’ practices and decisions
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3 years

INCLUSIVE project is being implemented between 2021-2023

4 countries

INCLUSIVE project bring together partners from France, USA, Taiwan and Russia

7 case studies

INCLUSIVE focuses at different geographical, and cultural and political contexts

Over 200 stakeholders

INCLUSIVE project will involve stakeholders at different levels international, national, case study level, including regulators, managers, end-users, grass roots , citizen, and others


Role of stakeholders in groundwater management

To manage for the undesirable impacts of groundwater depletion, many countries often begin by seeking to use systems of regulation to restrict groundwater use. Their implementation often remains problematic from low compliance with set rules, arising in part from little involvement of stakeholders in establishing groundwater use rules.

Many factors make stakeholder engagement in groundwater management difficult. As groundwater management usually focuses mostly on limiting (current) groundwater abstraction, there is limited scope for broader solutions, including supply augmentation and operations, which benefit current water abstractors, making current water users de facto opponents to rules expected to negatively impact them.

What are our objectives and our approach?

Our main objectives are to show that well-designed stakeholder processes can deliver socially accepted management rules with higher likelihood of compliance, thereby enhancing groundwater long-term sustainability. We focus on how effective stakeholder involvement improves stakeholder groundwater literacy, develops capacity to think long-term and capture trade-offs, and helps in developing innovative rules.  We also investigate how a shift from narrowly defined groundwater management to conjunctive soil and groundwater management by including to (water) retention, recharge, and nature-based solutions gives more chances for successful stakeholder process outcomes.

This “portfolio approach” to regional and basin water management has increased the robustness and reduced the costs and environmental impact of many water systems globally, and has potential to greatly ease the short-term burdens of improving groundwater sustainability. Analysis by simulation and optimization model and, more importantly, social learning and participatory discussions and decisions are central to developing and successfully implementing such effective portfolios of water supply and demand management actions.

case studies

Who and Where?

Our team consists of experts and researchers from 4 countries (France, USA, Taiwan and Russia), using a truly transdisciplinary approach combining biophysical and human sciences (sociology, economics, political sciences…) with expertise in groundwater management and policy, as well as stakeholder mobilisation.

Applying this approach in the context-specific approaches in 7 case studies with diverse contexts in France, US, Taiwan and Russia and carrying out comparative research ensuring collective learning and identification of pre-conditions for successful stakeholder processes delivering socially accepted groundwater management rules.

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🔴Connecting the Dots: New Climate Change & Health Research
@ENBEL_H2020 is joining @WFPHA_FMASP for #GPHW2023

📆4 April 2023 10:00-17:00 we'll be sharing videos & messages on how #health is impacted by #climatechange #GPHW



📢@PLOSClimate and @PLOSGPH #CallForPapers

"Openly available and accessible scientific evidence backed by political will and sustained funding is urgently needed to build resilience in the health sector"

@DrAnnaStewart Science Director @IAI_news


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Pleased to present the last paper from my PhD just published OA in #Geobiology! Our study found that #microbial EPS provided a template for Mg-clay and #dolomite mineralisation in #groundwater dolocrete from NW Australia
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It’s a tale of two islands for our HydroMetrics team this week! In Te Ika a Maui, Application & Sales Engineer Darcy Aker is at the NZ Hydrological Society technical workshop in Napier, where the sun was shining yesterday …1/3
#agritech #nitrates #groundwater #freshwater #SIAFD


The @CAgovernor's Mar. 10 Exec Order makes it easier to capture water from storms to recharge #groundwater supplies while helping to reduce flood risk. @dcameron177, a groundwater recharge pioneer, describes how these projects work, & why they're important during intense storms.

💧A great selection of #groundwater level borehole observation data availability from around the country in our #aquifers in the @EnvAgency #Hydrology Data Explorer API for download. Take a closer look near you 📈📉💧:



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Great improv performance #Soil Sounds by composer Jennifer Walshe & field recorder Lee Patterson.
Sounds from dispersing #clay, and insects around roots & inside plant stems.

People need to #SaveSoil. Let's make policies for governments to compensate people who are saving #soil. #SalvemosElSuelo @cpsavesoil @SadhguruJV @POTUS @VP @EPAMichaelRegan @SecVilsack @lopezobrador_ http://Savesoil.org http://consciousplanet.org http://consciousplanet.org/es


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